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Andro Shock Supplement

What is Andro-Shock?

Andro Shock is a legal booster for testosterones that is used in replace of steroids because steroids are illegal to use. Andro Shock has 10 supplements in it including Tongkat Ali, which is known as Long Jack, DHEA a hormone produced in the bodies adrenal, zinc sulpahate, saw Palmetto, Chrysin, Tribulus Terrestris, Muira Pama, Nettle Extract and Betasistosterol.

Andro Shock Benefits

Andro Shock enhances your stamina and endurance, it increases your energy and performance in every physical activity like, sports, weightlifting and sexual intercourse. The Andro Shock builds muscle and decreases body fat, is safe and also increases strength within a week of use, so don't over do it. Take 3 capsules one or two times a day.

Andro Shock Side Effects

I didn't get any side effect from taking Andrto Shock, but when you are raising testosterone I guess there is always a chance, so I suggest following these warnings.

Andro Shock should not be taken more than 8 weeks before you take four weeks off, this is called the 4 week off cycle.

People under 21 years of age, women and men with prostate disease should not take this supplement also anyone with any health issues or taking prescription medications should discuss with their doctor before using Andro Shock.

Where to Buy Andro Shock Supplement

Andro Shock is the best way to build muscle mass and burn off unwarted bodyfat, it comes in a bottle of 90 capsules. You can by it by going to Andro-Shock.

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